How to resolve crash and stability issues in Office programs by using the OffCAT tool

How to resolve crash and stability issues in Office programs by using the OffCAT tool

Whenever your OffCAT scan does not detect any issues that are related to program instability, or if you fixed all the detected issues and your Office is still not working then further your query & Help Microsoft Helpline 1-877-424-6647


To help you identify & solve known errors, issues or problems of instability in Microsoft Office Programs, Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT), diagnostic tool was developed for users and customers by a team of escalation engineers from Microsoft Support. The list of know problems and issues that can be easily detected by OffCAT grows each and every month. Therefore, if no issues of yours were detected in any month then it is good idea to use of OffCAT the following month to check whether any kind of new problems and issues were detected.
When you use of OffCAT tools as your first step in troubleshooting then these kinds of problems and issues in Microsoft Office program follow these steps:
·         Step 1: Download and install OffCAT (Office Configuration Analyzer Tool).
To do this, go to Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool. 
·         Step 2: Start OffCAT, and then scan the Office program that's crashing.
a.       Start OffCAT by using the shortcut that was created during the installation process.
·         Windows 7 and earlier versions

·         Windows 8

b.      When OffCAT is starting then automatically checks for the list of latest known issues but make sure that you let this process finish so that the scan of your Microsoft Office program uses the latest issues list.
c.       On the NEW SCAN page, click the Office program that's crashing.

Then, click Scan.

d.      After the scan finishes, exit any Office programs that are running.
·         Step 3: Review the known crashing problems that have been identified by OffCAT.

a.       In the OffCAT scan results, click the Filter icon.

b.      Clear the Select All box, select the Crash symptom in the list, and then click OK.

c.       When the first issue with Crash symptoms is displayed and expanded to show more information about the issues. Click here to see possible solutions to this option to open the article that contains information about resolution.

The following screen shot shows an example of one of the known crashing issues that might be detected by OffCAT:
d.      Follow the resolution steps that are provided in the article.
e.      Repeat steps 3c and 3d for all other issues that are listed in the report under the Crash symptom.
f.        Test your Office program to see whether it continues to crash.
g.       If your Office program continues to crash after you follow the steps in this section, go to step 4.
·         Step 4: Check for Office product updates

a.       In your OffCAT results, click the Filter control one more time.
b.      In the Filter dialog box, clear the check boxes for any selected symptoms, select the Product not updated check box, and then click OK.

c.       Under this Product not updated, expand the first issues that were found as shown in the following screen shot. After this click to see possible solutions to this issue option to open the article that describes the download for the latest updates.
d.      Follow the steps that are provided in the article to install the latest update.
e.      If there are two or more items under Product not updated, repeat steps 4c and 4d for each item that's listed.
f.        After you install all the latest updates that were suggested by your OffCAT results, restart the computer if you received a notification that a restart is required to complete the installation.
g.       Test the Office program to see whether it continues to crash.
h.      If the Office program continues to crash after you installed all the latest available updates, restart OffCAT.
i.         On the MANAGE SCANS page, click your previous scan to see the list of options for the scan.

j.        Click View report to reopen your previous scan results.
k.       Go to step 5. 
·         Step 5: Review additional instability-related symptoms.

·         Program instability may become noticeable in many ways. Therefore, we recommend that you also filter and review your scan results for the following symptoms:
·         Add-ins
·         Configuration (unsupported or problematic)
·         Delay
·         Error message
·         Exchange connection
·         Freeze
·         Not responding
·         Slowness
·         Startup

Most of the issues that are detected by OffCAT have more than one symptoms associated with them. Then you will probably see the same issue under one or more of the symptoms in the list. Regardless of where you find an issue (when it is a listed under multiple symptoms), resolution will be the same and you have to act only on the issue under one of the symptoms.To filter your results for these additional symptoms ,click the Filter control on the all issues tab, and then select each symptoms that appears in the list. The following screen shot shows the filter control after two symptoms are selected.


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